Building software of tomorrow,
for your business today.
serving buyback companies, repair shops, and wholesalers across the globe WORK WITH US
Building software of tomorrow,
for your business today.
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Platforms For Your Success

With our Repair Platform, Buyback Platform, and Enterprise Platform, our tailored solutions are designed to boost your SEO, optimize your workflow, and supercharge your business.

Consulting Expertise

With a decade of tech and business experience, let us become your partners in growing your business and satisfying your customers.

Constant Experimentation

Our goal is success, but our platforms are constantly changing. Using our expertise, we are constantly testing new features, techniques, and tools to grow your business.

With 3 cutting edge platforms, let’s get to business!

The way to business success is with proven solutions.

  • Proven Solutions

  • Experienced Partners

  • Cutting Edge Technology

  • Focus On Your Business

The stability of a platform and the success of your own site.

At Near Tech Partners, we’ll match you with the NTP platform that meets your needs and then customize it to your brand. This ensures you have a stable foundation and your own brand.

A platform built to scale up

Whether you’re handling 5, 500, or 5000 orders, our repair and buyback platforms automatically meet the demand and scale up without you touching a thing.

Built to your brand

Our platform powers your site, but you’ll still have a site customized with your logo and branding.


A platform for every shop, to meet your needs.

Repair Platform

SEO, Appointment Booking, Automated Emails, Analytics, and more.

Buyback Platform

Instant Quotes, Automated Emails, Analytics, SEO, and more.